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Around Chambord

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  • Itinéraire 07 - Au Pays du Raboliot

    Length of the route : 29.3 km

    The Sologne, between ponds and heather Here your are... in the heart of the mysterious Sologne, dotted with ponds and swamps. The colorful decor of reeds and varieties of heather is populated ...

    2h30 easy
  • Itinéraire 08 - Saveurs & senteurs

    Length of the route : 28.6 km

    Autunm scents & flavours Everywhere around Boulogne’s forest, your taste buds, your nose and your eyes will all be delighted by a pleasant blend of apples, wild berries and grapes: this ...

    2h45 average
  • Itinéraire 09 - Entre Blois & Chambord

    Length of the route : 32.9 km

    Between Blois and Chambord This journey takes you from Louis XII's castle to the most famous hunters' meet of the Renaissance; from the time when the Vikings were pillaging the villages ...

    3h easy
  • Itinéraire 10 - Chambord : Domaine Royal

    Length of the route : 29.8 km

    In the Royal domain

    2h30 easy
  • Itinéraire 11 - Fenêtre sur Loire

    Length of the route : 33.8 km

    Window on the Loire From Muides to Saint-Laurent, the numerous ponds give the feeling that this part of Sologne wants to get closer to the nourishing River... Discover the wild Loire, ...

    2h easy